Networks of excellence linking 40 countries
combining skilled academic and community sites for early and late-phase clinical trials

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Networks of excellence create a global footprint

Link leading academic institutions, community sites, patients and care-givers, providers and payers in thousands of locations in more than 40 countries across US and Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, and Asia for investigation of new diagnostics, drugs and devices, and evaluation of clinical, economic and humanistic benefit.

High-performing sites

Select the most committed and capable investigators from our global registry to achieve enrolment and performance goals. Draw on the expertise and experience of these global top performers to adjust design or scale as trial data dictates.

Study modeling

Avoid expensive errors and delays by combining advanced trial methods of adaptive study design, clustered population-based trials or propensity score allocation with prospective study modeling, integrating studies in a tight, logical sequence with early analysis for corporate decisions.


ClinStream technology integrates a sophisticated Interactive Web-based Response System (IWRS) for online subject randomization and treatment allocation, with Electronic Clinical Trial Management (ECTM) to train and support research teams and speed IRB approval.

High study profile

Ensure the study visibility and profile you need to engage participants through a professional suite of coordinated study-branded promotional posters, information brochures, press announcements, advertisements, internet and broadcast advertising, and other customized approaches.

Enhanced compliance

Maximize retention and compliance via rigorous site-management that fosters active personal engagement, identifies potential barriers and solutions, provides reminders and appreciation for completion of key stages, and ensures continuous communication to reduce drop-out.

Clinical team support

Minimize trial demands by providing support at all stages from participant screening and selection, to clinic booking and organization of research visits, or calls to provide participant support and ensure completion of critical tests and outcome reports.