From systematic review to meta-analysis, economic modeling and policy research

Syreon provides expert systematic review and meta-analysis, resource utilization, health economics and modeling, strategic pricing, value dossiers and evidence-based policy.


Payer expectations

Payers increasingly demand the rigorous evaluation of health economic data in routine clinical practice to maximize health gains. And Syreon is superbly equipped for this challenge!

Syreon Research Institute

Syreon Research Institute (SRI) is a preferred provider to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for all aspects of health economics planning, economic and value analysis, health policy and corporate training.

Economic valuation

Our team of highly skilled professional analysts and educators combine extensive expertise in health economic analysis, health outcomes, econometric modeling and forecasting with vast knowledge of the field from both industry and academic perspectives.

Balancing price, performance and value

Our expert teams, drawn from the highest levels of academia and industry, combine skills in economic modeling, evidence-based decision making and healthcare financing to guide strategic pricing and optimize the allocation of scarce resources in the public and private sectors.

Our advanced health economics research services

  • Cost analysis / modeling
  • Value dossier creation
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Evidence-based policy research
  • Strategic pricing and market access
  • Healthcare reimbursement
  • Health policy research
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Scientific opinion and audit
  • Economic training

Economic analysis

Syreon Research Institute conducts full health economic analysis, from resource tracking to cost-minimization, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility modeling, creation of value dossiers and strategic pricing presentation across a broad range of acute and chronic disease states.

Resource utilization

Track resource utilization using patient, provider and caregiver sources to detail community and institutional healthcare utilization for each individual disease indication. Combine these data for detailed calculation of direct and indirect costs of care, caregiver burden, economic impact, and economic loss due to illness.

Economic modeling

Select detailed Markov models, Monte Carlo methods or discrete event simulation for sophisticated sensitivity and scenario analysis to determine principal influential factors, "what if" scenarios, and estimate the impact of potential risks or interventions on projected costs and outcomes.

Strategic pricing

Shorter product development cycles and intense competition are an intense threat to new drugs or devices that often struggle to achieve profit and volume objectives. Our comprehensive understanding of market needs and opportunities, of pricing strategies and therapeutic benefit, and of approval and payment options provides a critical path to overcome these barriers.

Value dossiers

Our economic and pricing expertise helps companies move from developing products to creating value, and realizing the benefit of this transition. Through our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we work with you to ensure that your products are optimally priced for rapid market uptake and are tightly aligned with patient and provider needs.

Health policy research

Draw on our expertise in health policy and planning, our high quality research to collect and interpret the evidence needed for public health policy-making, our detailed population diagnoses to assess major health problems along with their determinants and societal burden, and our ability to develop critical evidence regarding efficacy, feasibility, cost-effectiveness and budget-impact of potential interventions.