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About Syreon

Syreon is a leading technology-driven Contract Research Organization (CRO) combining elite biomedical sciences, advanced information technologies and global clinical trial networks to speed the evaluation of new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices and guide safe, effective and cost-efficient clinical use. Syreon offers a complete range of clinical research services including project management, site management, data management, study monitoring, statistical analysis, and medical writing.

Syreon is a global CRO with studies active in over 40 countries around the world. Syreon is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with regional locations including Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Rome, Budapest, and Tirgu Mures.

North America

Syreon Corporation
260—1401 West 8th Ave
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V6H 1C9   Canada

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Syreon Research Institute
H—1142 Budapest
Mexikoi str. 65/A

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Syreon Research Romania
540004 Tirgu Mures
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e-mail : office@syreon.ro

Interested in a career in clinical research?

Syreon offers the exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of health research for the 21st Century. Syreon accepts electronic applications for full, part-time or co-operative student employment on an ongoing basis.

Areas of opportunity

• Clinical Trial Management
• Data Management
• Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)

• Biometrics & Statistics
• Information Technology

• Medical & Quality Assurance
• Finance & Human Resources

Application for Employment

If you are interested in a career with Syreon, please complete our online Application for Employment.
You will be notified immediately upon the receipt of your application and will be contacted by a Syreon human relations officer if your qualifications and expertise fit our current requirements.

Registration policy

Syreon offers investigators the opportunity to join us at the forefront of health research for the 21st Century, and to participate in the development of new and innovative treatments. Registration in the Syreon Research Program enables us to include you in the growing research studies in your discipline and region, and to maximize the value of your skills and knowledge.

Investigator Registration Form

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President / Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paul Keown has more than 30 years of clinical and management experience in the healthcare and medical sector in Europe and North America. Dr. Keown received his medical degree in the UK with postgraduate training in England, France, and Canada. He holds research Doctorates in Medicine and in Science from the University of Manchester, and an MBA from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Dr. Keown's research encompasses molecular genetics and biomarkers, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, health outcomes and economics. He has led many international research initiatives, has served as an advisor to government and industry, and is a member of numerous national and international scientific and professional organizations. Dr. Keown is Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and founded Syreon to combine advances in computing sciences, information systems and biotechnology and to support the rapidly evolving research needs in the development and use of new medicines throughout the world.

Director of Operations

Rohinish Gunadasa has 13 years of clinical research and project management experience in the university sector and healthcare industry. Ms. Gunadasa holds a BSc degree in Biology/Genetics from the University of British Columbia and a diploma in Nuclear Medicine from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and has led a large number of phase I-IV studies in a broad range of therapeutic areas. She has extensive experience in all aspects of clinical trial design, project planning, timeline management, communications, and integration of project teams for effective study execution in accordance with ICG GCP requirements. Ms. Gunadasa is responsible for all aspects of the operation and management of Syreon's project management team and serves as a principal liaison between the client and Project Management team throughout each study.

Medical Director, Department of Medical Affairs and Communication

Dr. Olaf Heisel has more than 10 years of clinical, research and industry experience in medicine, science and therapeutic drug evaluation within the healthcare and medical sectors. Dr. Heisel received his MD from the University of Saarland in Germany and his PhD in Experimental Medicine and Immunology from the University of British Columbia in Canada, where he is a member of Faculty in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Dr. Heisel's research ranges from cellular mechanisms of tolerance and tissue injury to clinical therapeutics and epidemiological analysis in broad areas of human health. Dr. Heisel provides expert medical advice and support to national and international research initiatives in a variety of cutting-edge disease areas, and he is a principal member of the analytical teams in multicentre research program.

Director, Information Technology

David Shilvock has over 10 years experience in the design and support of electronic clinical trial management and on-line reporting systems at Syreon. Mr. Shilvock holds an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia where he received a National Sciences and Engineering Council scholarship examining the development new methods of spatial database analysis. He is expert in the design and implementation of large multi-user client-server and web applications, and is responsible for all aspects of information technology developments and systems support.

Senior Clinical Data Manager, Data Management

Harjeet Thaker has 9 years of global data management experience in the biopharmaceutical research industry. Ms. Thaker holds a degree in Health Information Science from the University of Victoria and has worked on a broad range of phase I to IV studies in many therapeutic areas. Her expertise includes all aspects of clinical data management and integration for paper-based and electronic data capture trials, database administration and design, project planning, process improvement and technology integration. Ms. Thaker is responsible for all aspects of the operation and management of Syreon's Data Management division.