Precision Medicine is driving a $50 billion health care revolution

Syreon is a highly experienced international CRO and a leader in this new field where precision, quality, speed and value are the key factors in clinical success.

Expanding our European headquarters to better serve our global clients

Syreon Research Institute's new and expanded European headquarters support our rapidly growing services throughout the EU, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and other global regions.

1,000 patient enrolment completed 7 months ahead of schedule!

A stunning success for an exciting new treatment in cardiovascular disease, made possible by our special expertise in site management, study operations and digital informatics.

New trials in immuno-oncology offer exciting therapies for cancer

Our extensive expertise in molecular immunology and oncology provide a vital platform for new trials in this rapidly-growing field, quickly becoming one of the key therapies for cancer.


Driving research

Precision Medicine is driving research in new drugs, diagnostics and devices, using genomic and molecular sciences, nanotechnology and informatics to provide the right therapy, for the right patient, at the right time. And importantly, we believe, delivering these at the right price and in the right place.

Optimizing benefit & risk

This strategy harnesses advances in biology, medicine and information technology to maximize therapeutic benefit by targeting patients with a high probability of successful response, while minimizing patient risks and economic costs by excluding those at high risk of failure.

Speeding development

Pharma is moving quickly to engage this model for the rapid testing and the safe, effective and value-driven use of exciting new biologics and cellular therapies. But there are major research challenges in this new era, and success requires specialized experience and expertise.

Our Experience

Our scientists and investigators have been at the forefront of the revolution in Precision Medicine research for over 2 decades, leveraging their expertise to provide proof of therapeutic effect, proof of economic value, and proof of clinical utility and to maximize the potential of novel interventions in this rapidly expanding field.

We have been engaged in the development of Precision Medicine in the US, the EU and many other countries around the world to speed the development of new drugs, diagnostics and devices; to obtain real-world evidence, to calculate disease burden and to estimate economic value, and to improve the efficiency and quality of care.

Our Expertise

Our scientists and partners have enjoyed leading roles in the development of:

  • Molecular diagnostics, genomics and proteomics, pharmacometrics, predictive biomarkers, cell biology, computational sciences, pharmacokinetics and dynamics.
  • Blockbuster signal inhibitors, bioengineered human proteins, novel antivirals, cellular and organ replacement, immune therapy and immuno-oncology, and stem cell therapeutics.
  • Health quality measurement, systematic review, disease burden and economic modeling, digital medicine and telehealth, policy analysis and the revolution in valuation and pricing.