Global research in Precision Medicine for new drugs, diagnostics and devices

Syreon is an expert contract research organization conducting international clinical trials, health economics and outcomes research across a broad range of chronic and rare diseases.

Creating powerful new partnerships for clinical trials and real-world research

Syreon engages academia, industry, providers and payers to evaluate new treatments, to demonstrate value, and to guide their safe and cost-effective clinical use in complex diseases.

An elite portfolio of partners from emerging biotech to global pharma

With outstanding repeat business over more than 20 years of research across a broad range of study designs and therapeutic areas.


Clinical trials

Our Phase 1-3 exploratory and confirmatory trials include advanced design as the new norm! They incorporate "Succeed or fail-fast", "biomarker-driven", "adaptive design", "surrogate outcome", "risk-based", "basket / umbrella trials", "N-of-1 studies" strategies and more to maximize information and success, while minimizing risk and costs.

Health economics

Syreon Research Institute combines rigorous sources of information, from systematic reviews and meta-analysis to detailed cost-and-outcome studies and economic modeling, to provide robust evidence of economic value. Value dossiers integrate this information to provide the foundation for reimbursement models and tailor-made presentations to payers.

Outcomes research

Shorter product cycles and intense competition, already important threats to new pharmaceutical products or diagnostics and devices, are now joined by performance-based pricing as the emerging reimbursement model for new and expensive medications. Our studies provide rapid proof of clinical performance, vital in this payer environment.

Research portfolio

Our studies cover the whole clinical spectrum. Biomarker-driven, early-phase adaptive trials of novel interventions incorporating molecular diagnostics. Large-scale studies of health outcomes and economics of people who will receive a treatment or diagnostic strategy. And global health systems evaluation, trials of novel methods of telemedicine, and innovative care support.

Scope and scale

Our studies scale easily and fluidly from small, first-in-man single-site studies of novel interventions incorporating molecular diagnostics to large-scale international studies of health outcomes and economic burden which may comprise 200 or more sites, last for up to 10 years, and include almost 40,000 subjects with 200,000 patient years of care.


Our proven model integrates all key partners

Syreon designs each research project with a cohesive vision, integrating the specialized skills, experience and connections of our senior scientists with those of our selected partners in academia and industry, while anticipating the perspectives of providers and payers for safe and effective clinical use.

Biomarker studies

Target the latest advances in genomics, proteomics and molecular sciences as predictive biomarkers and companion diagnostics for therapeutic targeting, trial stratification and population segmentation.

Clinical trials

Leverage innovative clinical trial designs, skilled investigator networks, and advanced data sciences to accelerate critical trials for stem cell therapies, novel biologicals and pharmaceuticals, and refine or reposition drug use across key disease areas.

Outcomes research

Draw on thousands of highly skilled research sites in over 40 countries for large-scale studies to examine therapeutic needs, disease burden, treatment options and comparative effectiveness in rigorous population-based research programs.

Health economics

Monitor resource utilization and costs, define healthcare benefit and therapeutic value, and develop comprehensive budget strategies to ensure products are optimally priced for rapid market uptake and are tightly aligned with payer and provider needs in target countries.

Disease registries

Examine genetic profile, clinical risk factors, disease progress, current therapeutic strategies, health outcomes and economic consequences across hundreds of international sites to understand the basis of rare or complex diseases, analyze care and guide therapeutic research.

Big Data analysis

Employ high-performance statistical methods and predictive analytics to explore national and international data sets linking genomics, clinical course, health outcomes and economics to define critical relationships, uncover hidden patterns and guide future research strategies.