An elite portfolio of partners from emerging biotech to global pharma

With outstanding repeat business over more than 20 years of research, across a broad range of international clients, research study designs, and major therapeutic areas.

Helping small biotech corporations navigate the steps in biologics research

Syreon works with small, innovative biotech corporations to identify leading KOLs, to help them design and conduct first-in-man studies, and plan downstream research programs.

Working with medium-stage companies to speed Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials

Syreon draws on its global expertise and clinical partnerships to design and execute innovative adaptive trials for regulatory submission with maximum speed and quality.

Late phase research with leading biotech and global pharma corporations

Our trials incorporate up to 40,000 patients and hundreds of sites in more than 40 countries, with long-term follow up to define treatment options, outcomes, health quality, productivity and economic impact.



Selecting the right Key Opinion Leaders is vital for any study. Through our extensive scientific contacts we draw global leaders in each disease to guide our studies and ensure world-class performance.


Quality is the key requirement for any program, without which all effort, investment and opportunities are jeopardized. Our Quality-by-Design strategies are built into every aspect of our operations to ensure success!


Accuracy and speed are critical to meet goals, to enable forward planning, and to control costs. We pay meticulous attention to ensure these are not competing priorities!


"Syreon is the most efficient CRO that we have ever worked with, we love your ClinStream system..."

— Senior PM, Global Pharma

"My deepest thank you to you and Syreon for delivering this work on time and so well done!..."

— VP, Global Pharma

"We would like to do all our trials with Syreon — they understand exactly what we need..."

— Medical Director, SME Biotech

"Just a wonderful experience — thank you Syreon for your expertise and your experienced team..."

— Project Director, Global Biotech

"We came straight to Syreon to rescue our study — we knew it would be done correctly!..."

— Scientific Director, Oncology SME

"Wonderful completion of a very important study! Your reporting is now the new standard for our company..."

— Medical Director, Global Pharma